Introduction – Hi, I am working on my retirement and sharing bits of who I am with you all. irCurt’s.com is where I rant, rave, show my soul, and reveal my passions and interests. You will find AI-generated images, “chats with AI,” personal stories, commentary on social topics, and much more. All links to products and services are to my stores at locations like Teepublic, Etsy, and more. I do not use any ads on this site for anything besides my stuff. The exception is when I review a product or service, I may link to them. I also maintain a link directory that contains affiliate links to places I trust enough to list them, like Fiverr.com, which I know well.

About You – I am Curt, retiring at 62 after some years of disability. I’m deeply passionate about social justice on all levels—from animal rights to issues that stretch all the way to Z. On ircurts.com, you’ll catch me exploring the world through AI-generated art, digital design, and photography. Though I’m just starting out on platforms like Fiverr and Etsy, I’m excited to learn and grow in these new spaces. 

Your Work – As I embark on this new chapter, my work at ircurts.com is just beginning to unfold. I’m excited to explore and share various projects, from AI-generated art to insightful blogs and detailed directories. Over the next few months, I plan to expand my portfolio by engaging with platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Teepublic, and Redbubble. This site section will evolve as I delve deeper into digital creation and collaboration.

Vision and Call to Action – At ircurts.com, I aim to delve into the nuances of our interactions and how we can better understand one another. Through my blog and portfolio, I explore various topics, from AI-generated art to societal critiques. As an example of my approach to social justice, I advocate for replacing labels like ‘Karen’ and ‘Kevin’ with ‘caviler,’ a term that describes behavior without attaching to personal names. Join me as we seek to broaden our perspectives and engage in more thoughtful discourse. Let’s avoid quick judgments and foster conversations that lead to real change.