The Obligatory Welcome Post!

I’m Curt, and my mission is to make our world a better place, one small step at a time. Here, I’m committed to fostering positive change through art, technology, and a strong belief in social justice, relationship transparency, and messaging that programs our society for healthier coexistence.

Envisioning Change: promotes social change, genuine communications, and positive messaging that promotes harmonious coexistence. Mixing generative art and clear, simple messages make up a small part of my offering. I link to my designs to help us carry loving and healing messages.

Promoting Harmony: At, I bring my perspective on why the world often feels overwhelming and perplexing. I delve into issues that go deeper than the immediate dramas of the 2020s, addressing foundational problems in our societies. Humans tend to look for loopholes, but I advocate reevaluating our intentions to foster a more honest and harmonious future here.

Art and Language: I revel in the clarity of one-liners and the depth of extended discussions. Using tools like Midjourney, DALL-E, and ChatGPT, I craft images and texts that encapsulate complex ideas in simple, powerful messages. My conversations with GPT enrich my views, helping me explore topics from multiple perspectives.

Let’s Build Community: is a small part of the broader community. I encourage you to engage with me—tell me what you’ve discovered, ask questions, and share your constructive opinions. We are more alike than different, reducing the fears often amplified by prevalent messages.

Your support of my online shops is greatly valued, as it helps continue this journey of exploration and expression.

Welcome to—where you matter because we all matter.

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